Welcome Doug!

Welcome Doug!

A new Zoomer is on board. Doug joined Zooma at the beginning of this year as a content creator. We are pleased to welcome Doug!

Doug is an experienced content creator with a background in marketing and journalism. He is originally from England but is living in Sweden since 2016.

Doug studied English literature at the University of Liverpool and graduated from City University in London with a Master's degree in interactive (online) journalism. During his studies, he started to work at the British newspaper 'The Independent.' As he began to work for the newspaper, they called an end to its print newspaper operations after three decades and went online-only. He worked as a reporter for the online side for about 1.5 years.

In June 2016, he met his Swedish partner in the UK and decided to move with her to Sweden.


When I asked him what he likes the most about Sweden, he answered:

I'm amazed by how many lakes Sweden has that you can jump in and swim. Most of the lakes are safe and clean to bathe in. Swimming in the summer is relaxing and a great way to experience Swedish nature.

Doug quickly got a job at a manufacturing company in Gothenburg as a content specialist, where he worked for about four years. His primary focus was on content creation, inbound, and digital marketing.

He began to work at Zooma after being in contact with Zooma on various projects for several years. He already knew most of the Zoomers and 'the way of working,' so he took the shot when the opportunity arose to join the team.

Doug is the first employee with a remote onboarding, so I was keen to know how his first few weeks were:

It has been good, and I received lots of information. It is a new way of working and get used to, and it's a broader range of tasks. The remote onboarding was seamless and easy. We had lots of introduction meetings, and I felt very welcome. You don't bump into colleagues spontaneously, but I enjoyed the weekly digital Friday fika, which replaced it a bit. And the colleagues are only a Zoom call or Slack message away.

In his spare time, he reads quite a lot. Last year he inherited a guitar and started learning how to play it. He also spends his time in Jönköping on a family sheep farm and learns about raising them.

We are happy to have you onboard – welcome, Doug!

Niyat Ghebremichael
Niyat is a content manager at Zooma since 2019. She loves to create content​ and helps to bring campaigns and ideas to life.
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