Welcome Nils!

Welcome Nils!

Nils Munk Wirell joins Zooma from September 5. We are delighted to welcome Nils as a zoomer.

Nils is now Zooma's director of 3D/CGI and is located at the head office in Gothenburg.


Nils Munk Wirell

Nils brings solid experience and knowledge from various B2B businesses. Most recently Nils held a position as European Channel Executive at Recorded Future. Before that Nils held various senior positions within international analytics and IT-security companies. Nils has 15 years of business experience and has lived in Japan, Belgium, US and Denmark working at e.g. Levi Strauss, Burt, Lavasoft and Illuminate Labs (aquired by Autodesk)

‘It’s time to make the market aware of how 3D and CGI can drastically improve the impact of communication,’ says Nils.

Nils will focus on why and how you should use 3D and CGI as a natural part of your communication for creating tangible results.

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