Say hello to our new corporate site!

Say hello to our new corporate site!

Today, we're launching our new corporate site — take a look and let us know what you think.

Many companies have similar sites, and the idea is to have a place where we can share information that's relevant for the press, shareholders and investors, not just our customers and partners.

On the corporate site you'll find information about Zooma's mission and philosophy, our financial results, governance and sustainability efforts, as well as media assets and contact information for journalists.

Like with everything else Zooma does, we're learning by doing. By creating and developing a corporate site for Zooma, we're establishing a best practice that can help us provide better support for customers when they need corporate sites of their own.

Stellan, Alexander and me spoke more about the idea behind the corporate site in the next episode of The Onlinification Pod - you can listen to it ahead of time on Spotify or Soundcloud.

You can visit the new corporate site here. Let me know if you have any comments!

Anders Björklund
Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about what and how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B. Asks a lot of questions, and knows what to do with the answers.
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