Welcome to Sweden Amazon

Welcome to Sweden Amazon

Today Amazon launches in Sweden – a huge step for the Swedens consumers and B2B-companies. Now Swedish customers and companies can shop from thousands of global and local Swedish businesses on Amazon.

Amazon! We are delighted that you are finally here, welcome to Sweden!

Some of the Zoomers have been private customers since 1994, and as a company, Zooma has been Amazon's customers since 2001.

As of today, customers throughout Sweden can shop at amazon.se. You have a selection of millions of B2B and B2C products, with the advantage of low daily prices and reliable free delivery for orders over SEK 229. Amazon offers a wide range of products in more than 30 categories, such as books, consumer electronics, including products from thousands of global and local Swedish companies. Read more in Amazon's Press Release.

We have written a lot of articles about Amazon in the last couple of years, here is a selection:

Again, most welcome to Sweden!

Anders Björklund
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