Good next step Hoya! 27 country websites live

Good next step Hoya! 27 country websites live

Our friends at Hoya Vision Care are continuing their exciting journey to create a new online presence. 

Congratulations on this—we know that you will provide the most relevant global online presence about vision care to date!

Earlier this year, Hoya launched their new global .com. The ongoing launch of local market sites is the second step of many to make it esier for existing and prospective customers to grasp Hoya’s services around the world. Now, 27 localised market versions are in place.


The new Hoya web – based on peoples expectations and behaviour – allowing one to easily contact and interact with Hoya Vision.

We hereby encourage you to visit and the localised market versions, as well as to share this link with your network! There is more to come, soon +13 new local market sites will be launched.

What is Hoya Vision?  

Hoya Vision is a leading optical lens manufacturer and eyewear provider, and part of the HOYA Corporation

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