Marketing automation that drives business

Nurture your audience and increase conversion

Make sure you're getting as much as possible out of your content with automatic workflows that push visitors and leads further down the funnel.

Get in touch

Book a meeting with Tobias to discuss your existing content operation and your goals for the future. We'll then design the content workflows around these goals and set them up.

Start seeing returns from your content

Many B2B companies struggle with moving beyond an initial conversion and turning leads into customers. This service aims to solve that problem - by packaging your existing content into automated email workflows, you can nurture interested leads with more relevant content that follows them through their buying journey and moves them further down the funnel.

The lead nurturing workflow package


We'll assess your existing HubSpot portal and content library and provide:

  • A list of suggested actions, agreed with you before setup begins
  • A sketch of the lead nurturing framework
  • Implementation in HubSpot
  • Education and handover to your team


  • 15-30 business days, depending on the scope.


  • From SEK 180 000 per HubSpot portal. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the setup, the amount of existing content available and the number of workflows needed.