A peek into my first week at Zooma

By Oscar Bergving

A peek into my first week at Zooma

Hello! I'm Oscar, and I will be an intern at Zooma throughout the summer. I'm studying to be an engineer and business economist, you can read more about me and my education in this article in The Bulletin. 


What will I be working on?

One of my ongoing tasks will be data nurturing, where I will work with Zooma's CRM system, updating and analysing the database. A relevant CRM system will be valuable for Zooma in making better and more informed business decisions. If you want to read more about data nurturing, also known as data cleaning, a previous intern, Gina, has written a blog post.

During my time at Zooma, I will also post updates on The Internship Hub. This is where I will share my ongoing reflections as an intern every week. Reflections regarding what I've learned at Zooma and hopefully what a Zoomer truly is.

Takeaways from the first week

So, how was my first week at Zooma? The first week has been filled with many onboarding meetings. In these meetings, I've gotten much insight into the operation of Zooma. Having gained insight into Zooma as a company and the pleasure of meeting the welcoming Zoomers in meetings and around the office, I can genuinely say I'm excited for the time ahead!

Highlight of the week

The highlight of this week could only be one thing, “fredagsfika”—a tradition like no other where all Zoomers get together to discuss everything under the sun. Therefore I started gaining some more insight into what a Zoomer is. Hopefully, next week I will have more knowledge to share regarding Zoomers.

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Oscar Bergving
Summer intern June 2023
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