Lisa's first week at Zooma

By Lisa Sundgren

Lisa's first week at Zooma

Hello! I'm Lisa, the latest intern at Zooma, and I will spend 14 weeks here until the middle of May. The internship here at Zooma is the final piece of my education at IHM Business School, where I've been studying to become a Digital Marketing Specialist. To read more about me, take a peek at The Bulletin post "Welcome, Lisa!".

One of my tasks is to post updates on The Internship Hub alongside Alfred and Sam. The posts will mainly be about what I do during my stay here and what I learn. 


What am I going to do during my time here?

The areas I developed an interest in during my education were Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing, which is one of the reasons I applied to Zooma and swayed the direction of my tasks. Content Marketing and SEO are the two areas most of my projects and tasks lie within; meanwhile, inbound marketing has a heavy influence over everything Zooma does and influences how the projects are handled.

Some projects I have are social media postings, general SEO updates, helping develop the content strategy for the clusters, and copywriting for new packages and services.


My teacher in data analysis was the one who suggested that I should apply to Zooma. With a recommendation from her, I immediately got the expectation that they have to be pretty into data analysis and numbers here. I was right. So I'm hoping my analysis skills will develop as a result. Other expectations are to get a broader perspective of how SEO works outside of the classroom and a deeper understanding of how an agency works.

First impression

As previous interns have mentioned in their first posts, as Gina and Sofia did as well as Josefine did last year, the week has been filled with onboarding meetings. During those, I've gotten a warm welcome from various Zoomers and a good insight into the company culture and their way of working.

The impression that sticks out the most is the encouragement to ask questions as soon as you don't understand something or someone and to take responsibility for your work and personal growth in the business.

I look forward to working with everyone and getting started on my projects!

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Lisa Sundgren
Former Zooma-intern, now a configurations and content specialist. You can usually find her at a concert or creating colourful makeup looks on Instagram.
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