What is media and communication science?

By Josefine Kinnvall

What is media and communication science?

When I tell people that I study media and communication science focusing on marketing communication, it usually raises many questions. Let me give you some clarity!

What do I study?

I study media and communication science at Jönköping University, a three-year programme that leads to a Bachelor of Science with a specialisation in media and communication science. During the first year of the programme, you have courses focusing on general theoretical and practical subjects within the media and communication field. During the second year, you choose to specialise in a specific area of the field, whereas I chose marketing communication. This programme gives me a deep theoretical and practical approach to a wide range of work within the industry. It also gives me an insight into the sustainable perspective of communication - environmental, social and economic.

What is marketing communication?

Marketing communication is how to communicate with prospective and existing customers, focusing on engaging the target audience and stimulating dialogue about the content. Ways of using marketing communication are, for example, advertising, PR, sponsorships, and social media. 

What career prospects are waiting?

"What can you work with after you graduate?" This is probably the most asked question since I started my university course, and it's difficult to give a straight answer. Depending on your interests, the possibilities are endless. But here are a few examples:

  • Communication manager 
  • Marketing manager 
  • Project manager
  • Social media specialist  
  • Digital strategist 
  • Website coordinator
  • PR Consult 
  • Copywriter 

Thank you for reading! Did you miss my first blog post and have 3 minutes to spare? Read it here.

Until next time!

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Josefine Kinnvall
Marketing and communications specialist, and former Zooma intern from March-June 2022.
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