How to create infographics in PowerPoint [Free Templates]

By Elisabet Isacchi

How to create infographics in PowerPoint [Free Templates]

Depending on what kind of business you run, what type of products or services you sell, etc., you may have different needs to present information in a nice and clear way. Perhaps as an infographic. An infographic is what it sounds like; information presented in a graphic way providing a good overview, rather than all the details. It could be facts about your business or offers or just a guide on how to use your products. Brainstorm and come up with ideas!

You don’t even need to have any fancy design software, there are many tools available online. Free or at a low cost. For example, or But actually, you can make rather nice infographics in PowerPoint. Just make sure to use a larger and more interestingly shaped ‘canvas’ than a normal presentation slide.

A great thing about an infographic is that you can make the most boring numbers and facts interesting just by presenting them in a creative way. Not necessarily crazy or fun, but in a way that appeals to your personas, your target audience, and in consistence with your brand. Not everyone gets excited by an Excel sheet full of numbers, but add some colours and shapes, use a nice font and make it pop. Suddenly everyone wants to read your numbers and figures! ;)

Also, infographics are reposted and shared more often than other types of content and images. They can contain a lot of information in one compressed space, yet the information is easy to absorb.

Things to think about when creating an infographic:

  1. Organise your information. A good structure is key.
  2. Only use relevant data, in a clear and structured hierarchy.
  3. Keep it simple; a good headline or number, then a short explaining text.
  4. Work with dividers of different kinds; lines, boxes, coloured blocks, etc.
  5. Use icons, pie charts or other graphic elements to illustrate your facts.
  6. Stay consistent with your brand and company colours. Some infographics perhaps has got their own theme, which is relevant for the content. (For example add a touch of autumn (some leaves?) when you present your interim report for Q3, or whatever you come up with.) Don’t be afraid to be creative and a bit fun, but stay within your brand!
  7. The standard width for an infographic is 735 pixels (about 25 cm) and never make it longer than 5000 pixels (about 176 cm). Any longer than that and you will lose the reader. Rather keep it shorter and maybe make more than one if you have facts that can be split into separate infographics.
  8. Limit your colour palette and rather use different shades of your core company colours (if allowed according to your brand guidelines), than adding a rainbow.

Infographics templates

To help you get started with your own infographics here are some simple infographic PowerPoint templates:

Click here to download the PowerPoint templates

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