Embracing change and digital transformation

By Anders Björklund

Embracing change and digital transformation

In the current landscape, digital transformation has become an urgent priority. Companies must now recognise the need to increase their pace and adapt to the rapidly changing digital and online realm. The global lockdown brought about by unforeseen circumstances has made it evident that organisations must expedite their digital transformation efforts.

While some individuals and companies struggle with the imposed changes, there is a clear distinction between those embracing change at an unprecedented rate and those not. The demand for digital transformation is now a necessity rather than an option.

The current state of disruption offers a unique opportunity for companies to be more alert and receptive to change, ultimately shaping their businesses for success and, in some cases, survival.

Continuing digital transformation might overwhelm employees already burdened with heavy workloads and responsibilities. Surprisingly, now is the ideal time to drive relevant and positive change. All companies should consider increasing their pace and seize this moment.

Empowering individuals as digital transformation experts

The disruptive environment we find ourselves in heightens our awareness and willingness to adapt. When presented effectively, change can inspire individuals to envision themselves as champions of positive advancements rather than merely embracing change for its own sake. There has never been a better time to embark on digital transformation, the cornerstone for our most significant relationships and transactions today.

The demand for digital transformation is two-fold: employees expect a suite of tools that facilitate enjoyable and efficient work, while companies and organisations require an enhanced foundation. Fulfilling these demands allows companies to drive rapid and engaging cultural change, often the most challenging aspect of digital transformation.

Time for rethinking strategies

Every company's strategy must be thoroughly examined, refined, or fine-tuned. The accelerated timeline necessitates a flexible approach to adapt to an uncertain future. Therefore, your new strategy should be built on an infinitely adaptable platform.

Businesses can achieve greater efficiency by reducing the time spent on various meetings and plans. You may already have a transformation roadmap, but what if you compressed the timeline, pushed for change, and achieved the same goals?

I encourage you to prioritise essential tasks over nice-to-haves for the best results.

Crafting a compelling narrative

Communicate the story behind the change to your colleagues and help them understand why we are driving this transformation. Clearly articulate the benefits they stand to gain as individuals. Paint a vivid picture of the desired future state, illustrating what life will be like after the transformation. Engage decision-makers and colleagues emotionally by addressing questions such as: Will tasks become easier? How will simplicity enhance their experience? Will customers and prospects prefer working with your organisation? How will challenging scenarios be different and improved?

Embracing deployment

Acknowledge that deployments will never be flawless, but please strive to minimise risks and set a path for progress. Strike a balance between speed and the expectation of ongoing improvements and adjustments. Organisations grow stronger by learning from both successes and setbacks.

Now is the time to accelerate the practice of enablement. Make digital initiatives personal, and individuals will readily embrace them. Change and transformation may be perceived as slow processes, but it is crucial to start moving swiftly.

What are digitisation, digitalisation, digital transformation and digital readiness

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