Is digitalisation a project?

By Anders Björklund

Is digitalisation a project?

Is onlinification and digitalisation about delivering a project with a sponsor and a project manager? Thinking that way is an enormous mistake. For the few B2B companies that have come far with onlinification and digitalisation, it is evident that they use online and digital as a natural part of their way of working.

Onlinification and digitalisation are a mindset, a culture and a journey of change. Taking this journey demands a new attitude and a changed way of working. It takes a decision that you believe online and digital are prerequisites to succeed. And that you are particular about the whys. For many companies, It's about changing the company's whole purpose and turning the mindset 180 degrees.

Sure, you can buy some systems and implement some excellent features in some places and some clever stuff in others.

I claim that the whole company will need to transform at a tempo that the company can cope with. And use open-minded innovation to change the footprint of the company on its eco-system.

This starts with the main decision-makers and, most likely, the owners. You must convince at least three decision-makers that this is the way. It needs to have the highest degree of sense of urgency.

Indeed, external advisors and consultants can: 

  • advise you about the current state of online and digital (if they can show relevant examples)
  • what other B2B companies are already doing (if they know), and
  • even help you with a roadmap (if they can explain the prerequisites and the implications). 

But a strategy and a roadmap made by someone that doesn't honestly know you are high risk. Everything must start with the CEO and his alikes, their belief in why we need to change, their conviction, dedication, and a sense of urgency and prioritisation.

Onlinification and digitalisation is not a project with a start and stop. Instead, it's an enabler in meeting people's speed, friendliness and knowledge expectations.

Does your company need a new direction?

If you need a strategy and approach that will take you in the right direction, you can read more on the approach that Zooma can help you with or request a quote.

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Classification of six types of digital strategies

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