Online Trends: Mobile online traffic surpass desktop in Sweden

By Martin Ray

Online Trends: Mobile online traffic surpass desktop in Sweden
You may not have noticed but according to StatCounter a milestone was passed in Sweden this summer when it comes to online trends. July 2014 was the first time mobile online traffic to Swedish websites surpassed that of desktop traffic. I.e. more people were accessing websites with mobile devices such as phones and tablets than with computers. 


Since July is the month when most Swedes go on holiday, it is reasonable to assume that if people can chose themselves - unaffected of what their employers dictate - their preferred way of accessing online content is through mobile devices.Zooma-Swedish-online-traffic-by-platform

Source: StatCounter, September 2014


As shown by the graph above, once people started to return to work in August traffic patterns started to return to normal. However, we believe this is an important signal of how most people actually prefer to use mobile devices today rather than computers. Increasingly this evolved behaviour will start impacting the way people prefer to do business in their professional roles as well.

And Sweden is no exception - we have written in the past about the growing importance of a mobile online presence and the fact that for an increasing number of people the first encounter with your brand and your company is through devices other than computers.


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