Podcast: How to create perfect topic clusters

By Alexander Evjenth

Podcast: How to create perfect topic clusters

We've been working with topic clusters for over a year, and during that time we've learned some valuable lessons on how to create them in the best way. In this episode, me and Doug discussed what we've found out, and how we recommend you should create your topic clusters.

We recently had an episode about the definition of topic clusters - but this time, we thought we'd actually give you some practical advice on how you can start creating them.

The bulk of your topic clusters are made up of normal articles, so if you're already producing content on a regular basis, it shouldn't seem too difficult to get started. But the challenge of working with topic clusters is in the planning and structure - you need to craft a pillar page that is wide enough but not unnecessarily deep, make sure that you cover all the essential keywords with your cluster content, and provide users with a content offer that gives them something extra.

A single topic cluster contains an awful lot of content, so it's challenging to get all this in place - at least, it was for us when we started.

Fortunately, we've now developed a reliable process for planning, creating and populating effective topic clusters with as little stress as possible. Through solid planning and an in-depth audit of your existing content, the task of producing your first topic cluster becomes much easier.

I hope you enjoy this episode - it's available to listen and subscribe to on the podcast platform of your choice via the links below, but if you prefer, you can also watch the video version, either here or on YouTube.

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