Podcast: What do buyers look for in an agency?

By Doug Bolton

Podcast: What do buyers look for in an agency?

Generally, in The Onlinification Pod, we focus on topics relevant to you - our customers, friends, and potential future customers. But, this time, I thought we'd switch things around and try to answer a hugely important question for companies like Zooma - what do buyers look for when choosing an agency?

The switch-around is because of this week's guest - my colleague, Annika Eriksson. Annika is currently a project and account manager at Zooma. Still, she's also spent a long time as a manager at a large company handling customer experience, digital strategy and business development. In other words, she's been on the 'other side' - as a buyer choosing which agency to partner with on digital projects.

No one else in Zooma has Annika's vast experience. However, many of us had "real jobs" in B2B before joining Zooma, so I wanted to get some insights from Annika about what she used to look for when selecting an agency. We spoke about what makes an excellent first impression, whether the buyer's choice is more emotional or logical, or whether there are any common mistakes that companies like Zooma typically make when trying to win business from major companies.

We also covered one of the most critical questions: When a partnership is ongoing with an agency, what are the essential factors that ensure it lasts? Of course, it's always harder to win new customers than hold on to existing ones, so this final topic is decisive for companies like Zooma.

Many thanks to Annika for joining, and thanks in advance to you for listening - you can find and subscribe to The Onlinification Pod on the leading podcast platforms using the links below.

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Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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