Podcast: What was the internship like?

By Doug Bolton

Podcast: What was the internship like?

This week on the pod, I was joined by Josefine Kinnvall, Zooma's current intern. She's got plenty of podcast experience after creating The Internship Pod, but this time, she's on the other end of the microphone.

Josefine's internship finishes this week, so before she heads off, I wanted to use the pod to get a summary of the internship.

In our discussion, we covered:

  • Whether the internship met up to her expectations - Going from studies straight into a 100% remote internship is a big shift, so were there any surprises in the reality of life at Zooma?
  • What the high point has been - Josefine's been involved in plenty of different projects over the last few months, so I wanted to find out if anything in particular has stuck out.
  • Tips for future interns - I hoped this episode would work as a source of information for people who are thinking of applying for an internship at Zooma, so I made sure to get some words of wisdom for potential interns who want to follow in Josefine's footsteps.

You can listen to this week's episode in the usual places - below, you'll find some links to The Onlinification Pod on leading podcast platforms. Of course, if you're thinking of applying for an internship at Zooma, you can do so here.

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Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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