Reflections of Episerver Partner Close-Up Event 2019

By Jakob Thornér

Reflections of Episerver Partner Close-Up Event 2019

On February 6th, I attended the European Episerver Partner Close-Up 2019 in Stockholm. It is an annual event, where Episerver keeps partners updated about what the future holds for innovations and product news. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to interact with about 600 marketers, sales professionals and developers. Here are some of my reflections from this year's event.  

The main reason why Zooma attends Episerver's annual events is to keep our friends updated about Episerver's news within the platform.

Episerver is more than a CMS

Episerver is often referred to as a Content Management System (CMS). However, my main reflection from this years event is how big an impact the product Commerce has had on Episerver as a company. The product has quickly grown in popularity. If you take a closer look into the existing product portfolio of Episerver you will soon realise that it is more than a CMS. In the future, I wouldn't be surprised if people associate Episerver more as an E-Commerce platform rather than only a CMS. 

New subscription model

Episerver is changing its license model. They are now selling the majority of the services as cloud subscription, namely 87% of the existing sales. The other 13% consists of on-prem licenses, which has historically been a one time fee but will now be changed into a subscription model as well. 

Episerver's product roadmap 

Episerver introduced their product roadmap going forward in 5 areas:

  • Make Digital Experience Cloud service enterprise class
  • Innovate Digital Experience Cloud service for agility and efficiency
  • Iterate New Products
  • Enhance Core Services
  • Progress Core Roadmap

Episerver's Product Roadmap  Episerver's product roadmap divided into five different categories.

In recent years, many new products have been introduced within Episerver. Seeing this roadmap, it becomes clear that they now are focusing on refining existing products. 

I have prepared a presentation with some new and upcoming features that have been introduced. These will have a big impact for editors from my point of view. Feel free to download the presentation below.


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