It's a bank holiday - here's some pod tips

It's a bank holiday - here's some pod tips

We've got a bank holiday coming up here in Sweden - so all Zoomers will be out of the office for a long weekend on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 May. 

We'll be back to work as normal from Monday 17 May. If you've got an extended weekend as well, enjoy it!

To keep you entertained during the long weekend, I asked the Zoomers to send in some podcast tips - if there's anything that takes your fancy, make sure to have a listen.

Charlotte Björsjö


Charlotte was generous and recommended two podcasts - one for kids, and one for grownups.
For kids: Godnattstund, with Marcus Granseth - Bedtime stories, in podcast form! 
For grownups: Somna med Henrik, with Henrik Ståhl - Also bedtime stories, but for adult children. The podcast is in Swedish, but Henrik has a very soothing voice - so if you're an English speaker who needs to get to sleep, give it a listen.

Ingrid Wallgren

Ingrid recommended a couple of business podcasts. One is an episode of Patrick O'Shaughnessy's Invest Like the Best podcast featuring Dylan Field, the co-founder of Figma, on how he built his incredibly successful company. The other is a different episode of the same podcast, this time with Scott Belsky as the guest, who co-founded the creative network Behance. There's lots of good discussion in here about investing and customer experience.

Johanna Ivarsson

Johanna recommends the hugely successful podcast Flashback Forever, a podcast about the greatest and weirdest discussion threads on the legendary (and infamous) Swedish forum Flashback.

Good to listen to if you're nostalgic for the anarchic spirit of pre-social media online forums.

Elisabet Isacchi

Elisabet recommends the podcast with the Swedish comedian David Batra. David and his guests, usually other Swedish comedians, go through local newspapers to find the small and often weird pieces of news and talk about them.

An amusing podcast to listen to during a longer car ride or something like that.

Anders Björklund

Anders recommends a mix of pods - the Harvard Business Review IdeaCast, for those who like business, Radio Rantorget, for those who like GAIS, and naturally, The Onlinification Pod - probably the best podcast in the world.

Enjoy the weekend, and enjoy the podcasts! 

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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