Make a difference for the climate - support Naturskyddsföreningen

Make a difference for the climate - support Naturskyddsföreningen

This year, we’ve decided to continue our sponsorship of Naturskyddsföreningen, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

The organisation was founded all the way back in 1909, and today they’ve become a major voice in the national discussion on sustainability and environmental issues.

Naturskyddsföreningen is a major force for sustainability in Sweden. By educating, campaigning, analysing and shaping public opinion in Sweden and internationally, Naturskyddsföreningen’s goal is to preserve Sweden’s beautiful nature and to slow the growing threats of climate change and environmental destruction.

We think that’s a pretty important goal. That’s why we’ve decided to continue supporting Naturskyddsföreningen in 2022.

Many companies, especially larger ones in the B2B sector, are facing increased pressure to make genuinely sustainable changes in how they do business. There are plenty of measures a company can take to become more sustainable and reduce their effect on the environment, especially if it’s a manufacturing company. But becoming a corporate supporter of Naturskyddföreningen would be an excellent addition to any company’s overall sustainability plan.

If you’d like to follow our example, visit Naturskyddsföreningen’s website to find out more about their work and to discover how you can become a corporate supporter.

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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