Take a look at our annual report!

Take a look at our annual report!

For the first time ever, Zooma has created an annual report - it's a summary of our financials, sustainability efforts and shifts in our way of working from the pandemic year of 2020. It's now available on our corporate site — take a look!

We always think it's best to learn new things by trying them out. That's why we created the corporate site in the first place - so that we'd know what to do when a customer asks for one themselves. The idea is the same with our annual report. We don't really need to publish one, but now that we've gone through the process of creating it, we'll know how to do it again in future.

Aside from that, it's interesting to look back and assess the impact of 2020 on Zooma. For example, we found out that by not taking the car or bus to work while working from home, we collectively managed to save 14.4 tons of carbon emissions - that's the amount of CO2 produced by charging over 1,750,000 smartphones. Not a bad reduction!

Hopefully you enjoy the very first annual report - watch the video, download the presentation, and see how we performed last year.

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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