We wish you a nice summer!

We wish you a nice summer!

From Monday, July 8 most of the Zoomers will be out of the office to July 26. The office will be open again on July 29.

The Zooma office will be closed with limited access, July 8-26, but please reach out to your key contact.

Swedes are definitely privileged when it comes to paid holidays and parental leave. But if you dig into the hours actually worked per worker, it shows that the opposite turns out to be true. According to the statistics from OECD, Swedes work on average almost 115 hours more than e.g. Germans during 2017, which means that Swedes actually could take an additional two weeks off—and still be working more… 

We wish all our friends a relaxing summer! And if you want to find great summer readings, check out the Zoomers great summer reading list.

Have a nice summer 2019

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