What INBOUND 2020 can teach us about virtual events

What INBOUND 2020 can teach us about virtual events

INBOUND2020 has been a fantastic digital experience filled with insightful sessions and networking opportunities. Below you can read what INBOUND2020 can teach us about online and digital events.

The extraordinary situation has highlighted the urgent need for change in the B2B event industry. Gone are the days of traditional mass events with conversations in tight, crowded corners, sending people on a plane around the globe and large budgets. 

When HubSpot realised a few months ago that INBOUND2020 would be completely digital, the HubSpot team did not look to other online events for inspiration, but the work of their favourite TV producers. In the way strong TV tells compelling stories on screen, HubSpot identified forward-looking ideas for better involvement of online event attendees.

Inbound2020 day2

Screenshot: Inbound 2020 platform

A global-gathering on a virtual platform

For the first time, INBOUND2020 was a virtual digital event experience since its launch in 2011. It went beyond the broadcasting of content sessions; it was a unique experience. The event has transformed into an interactive two days digital event by changing the format of INBOUND from live face-to-face sessions to a series of webinars, virtual networking rooms, and pre-recorded 'on-demand' videos with live Q&A's. 

With over 70,000 attendees, the number of attendees has more than doubled compared to last year. HubSpot has done an excellent job of bringing technology and virtual networking to attendees worldwide. Over 40 per cent of registered attendees came from outside the U.S. It brought attendees together, no matter where they were physically located. 

Video: Tweet from Inbound

All you needed to do was to log in to the platform and enter the 3D world. You were able to create your own personality with an avatar and profile details, as well as to explore, connect and talk to people. It was nice to be a part of it, instead of just watching a session. 

Furthermore, it was possible to arrange one-to-one meetings allowing us to connect with fellow attendees and speakers through video call or live chat.

More than 250 on-demand sessions

This time the attendees did not have to worry about scheduling conflicts or session fatigue. On-demand content is available to PowerHouse pass holders for one year. You can still get a PowerHouse pass (US$ 119) to get access to more than 250 sessions.

A new era of conferences and events has begun. The global gatherings that can create a sense of belonging among attendees may be the ones that will take the lead in the digital-first world.

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