Zooma wishes you a Happy Midsummer!

Zooma wishes you a Happy Midsummer!

The sun is shining, the herring is pickling, and Midsummer is approaching. Midsummer's Eve is a national holiday in Sweden, which means all Zoomers will be out of the office on Friday 25 June.

We'll be back to work as normal on Monday 28 June - and trying to ignore the fact that from now on, the days are getting shorter.

Midsummer is the high point of the year for most Swedes, and it's a holiday that is filled with tradition. To find out more, I asked the Zoomers about their favourite Midsummer traditions. If you don't celebrate Midsummer yourself, here's some ideas for things to try on Friday:

Jesper Björkman

Zooma-Jesper-Bjorkman"For Midsummer I always enjoy going back home to Dalarna to celebrate midsummer in a very traditional fashion (food, family and raising the midsummer pole in the village centre), but also gathering a lot of old childhood friends for a big party, with hopes of warm weather and swimming in the river."


Elin Salekärr

Zooma-writing-an-article (7)
"The best Midsummer tradition is the persistence to eat the traditional Midsummer lunch outside (preferably near the sea) no matter the weather."



Elisabet Isacchi

Zooma-writing-an-article (8)"One of my favourite traditions is eating strawberries with cream, and the rest of the traditional Midsummer food, like pickled herring and new potatoes. But the strawberries are the most important!

Dancing around the maypole… or rather, watching other people dance around the maypole is a good one too. And it's essential to play some different garden games, like kubb or croquet."

Julia Källmark

Zooma-writing-an-article (9)"My Midsummer usually always starts with lunch together with my family, where we eat huge amount of herring and eggs (we seem to be the only ones who like herring these days). In the evening have a meal with my friends, where everyone has brought one dish or dessert each, then we divide up into teams and play games against each other. I always make sure to bring a jar of herring and get everyone to try it - it's always funny!"

Enjoy the weekend, and Happy Midsummer!

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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