Going from Kungälv to the Zooma-office

By Sofia Hermansson

Going from Kungälv to the Zooma-office

Meeting many of our colleagues IRL for the first time felt quite natural since we had seen and talked to them daily on Zoom. Even though it has worked so well to work digitally, it's a different feeling to meet each other on-site and work from the office. This was something new for us, and we felt like children on Christmas Eve entering the office for the first time.

How is a day for an intern in the physical office?

We have talked about doing our internship remotely in our video post in The Internship Hub. This article wants to share what a day in the Zooma-office can look like.

We have made a small compilation of what it can look like to be an intern in the Zooma office.

Collage of how it can looks like in the Zooma office

  • The picture to the left shows how happy Sofia is to enter the office!
  • There are many cosy places to sit and work.
  • At our Zoom meetings, Sofia often hears from Gina, "I'm just going to get coffee", which was no exception in the physical office.
  • Lunch is essential for us interns too.

In the Zooma office

  • Gina and Anders had a physical meeting, which was challenging since we are so used to remote.

  • Sofia is in one of the smaller rooms for a meeting.

  • Gina is working in a "Pod" from Framery - which is soundproof and have ventilation. Great if you need some quietness, for example, recording a pod episode. It felt incredible, like sitting in a spaceship.

The zoomers know how to have fun in the office. Uyen, Elin and Annika have great dancing moves!

The bus to Kungalv

And when the workday was over, we went home till Kungälv. By the way, did you listen to when we guested The Onlinification Pod - "You don't have to be from Kungälv to work here, but it helps"?

Thanks for reading and watching our pictures, and we hope you all have a lovely week!

All the best

Gina and Sofia


Sofia Hermansson
Former Zooma intern and Marketing Automation Specialist 2022-2023
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