Three projects for creating customers satisfaction

By Sofia Hermansson

Three projects for creating customers satisfaction

After you become a customer to a company, it's essential that you get relevant information and feel like an important and valued client. During our course, we've learned it's essential that we engage with customers even after they've made a purchase - not just before.

Why is it so important to take care of your customers after the purchase?

Many companies are very good at capturing their prospective customers with good information and tailored products. Unfortunately, many companies forget to care for the customer after the product is delivered or the service is complete.

For the customer, their journey doesn't end at the purchase - that's why it is essential to create customer loyalty and satisfaction by engaging them. The customer must not feel forgotten. These customers are the key to your ability to develop as a company, upgrade your products, increase sales, and spread positive recommendations about the company. Here, you can read a bit more about why customer satisfaction is important.

Our first three projects

So during our internship, we have received three projects that touch on this particular topic in different ways.

The first project is about creating a welcome email with important information, useful resources, access to the customer portal and more - basically everything that will make the customer feel welcome and connected to the company.

In the second project, we're inviting customers to subscribe to all our knowledge hubs so they stay updated and knowledgeable.

And in the last project, we're implementing an automatic process to congratulate Zooma's customers on their birthday.

Our thoughts

Just as we write above, we also think it's vital for companies to take care of their customers after they've made a purchase.

It's been fun to come up with different activities that increase customer satisfaction for Zooma. In these projects, we get to be a bit creative with personalised content while maintaining a smooth work routine for our colleagues. These projects provide a perfect lesson to have with us on our future adventures.

We hope this was an interesting read about what we're doing right now here at Zooma - don't forget to subscribe for more updates!

/Sofia and Gina

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Sofia Hermansson
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