Do you publish your NPS-scores?

By Anders Björklund

Do you publish your NPS-scores?

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is used by lots of companies. And one of the questions that I seldom get asked by businesses that have implemented NPS is, "Shall we make our NPS-score public?". How many companies are you aware of that publish their NPS-scores?

Shall we make our NPS-score public?

To answer that, I intend to cover all the advantages of publishing your NPS-score. By publishing, I mean, that you make your NPS score public, e.g. by posting it on your website or sharing it publicly online. I strongly recommend that you show the NPS to your customers and your employees regularly. Later on, you can add suppliers and interested parties, e.g. Board of Directors and investors.

Advantages with publishing your NPS-score:

    • You practice openness and transparency.
    • Helps you to reinforce your company's commitment to existing and prospective customers and employees.
    • Can serve as a competitive advantage, and make your company stand out from the competition.
    • Disclosing your NPS-score, along with a credible and compelling brand promise, will communicate that your words align with your actions.
    • Prospective employees will take notice. People prefer to work with and for a company that is brave enough to publish their NPS-score. Most people presume that there is a strong connection between satisfied customers and happy employees.
    • In a good way, you will put pressure on your own company.

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