What company treats you exactly like you want to be treated?

By Anders Björklund

What company treats you exactly like you want to be treated?

When was the last time you were impressed by a company you bought from and interacted with? In this article, you will find advice and examples on how to impress customers.

How often do you get impressed by the way companies and suppliers treat you? Try to create a list with the moments of truth that has impressed you as a customer. And please share it with us if you want to!

A while ago, some of us started making screenshots of when companies treated and interacted as expected with us. We suggest that you begin to do the same. You will be amazed and surprised by how seldom it happens and how little it takes to impress you. 

How to impress customers 

My main advice if you want someone to answer your brand's name to the question "What brand treats you exactly like you want to be treated?" is:

  • Be genuinely interested in how it is to be them and understand their expectations, habits, behaviour and needs
  • Make the decision that you shall only create, produce, manufacture and provide things based on only looking from the outside—from their perspective
  • Make sure you know what they will compare you with so that you can fulfil their expectations and provide effortless simplicity for them

How Zoomers get impressed by companies

We do like to get impressed by companies. Below, a few Zoomers have named companies that have impressed them; and why. I do hope you enjoy it. 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Joel: "They give me all the tools hat I need and they keep them updated and fresh".
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  • Amazon! Mark: "A seamless experience, they know everything about me, offer me products I’m interested in and great customer service".
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  • Spotify! Elin: "It is easy to use, and they suggest relevant music that I actually like."
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  • Audible! Martin: "Whenever I need to get in touch with their customer support, they ask me if I want to be called back now or in five minutes—and they actually do."
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  • Nordic Choice Hotel! Ingrid: "They are mindful about the environment and staying, and their hotel is a nice experience!"
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  • Zooma also made it onto zoomers' favourite companies list. Yeu-Kang: "Zooma! Otherwise, I wouldn't work here." :-)
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