Content creation tips: How to speed up the process

Blog title: Content creation tips: How to speed up the process

By Alexander Evjenth

Content creation tips: How to speed up the process

A complicated process for creating content often jeopardizes production to slow down somewhere in the process. In this article, I explain how I work to reduce friction in my content creation.

If you work with creating knowledge content, you know the drill. First, you identify a topic. Then conduct research and interviews. Finally, you are ready to write. But no, the process doesn't end here. In addition to writing, according to facts, you need to think about formulations and wordings. The tonality needs to align with your brand, and the content should be structured in a reader-friendly way. Finally, you have a draft, and after it has been reviewed and fine-tuned, it can finally be approved and ready to publish.

As a content creator, I've experienced downtime in content creation, meaning that the production slows down somewhere in the process: writer's block, dissatisfaction and delayed review rounds. But with the right structure and routines, you can create the conditions for a more efficient content creation process. Below I share my tips on how I work to reduce friction in my content creation.

How to streamline content creation

Below I have summarised a few tips for how you can create content more efficiently.

Let search volume decide what topic to write about

In the past, I often attended brainstorming meetings to decide what topic to write about. Together with subject matter experts, we discussed what readers might be interested in reading about. This was a good way to come up with new ideas. But when a group of like-minded employees discuss a topic, there is a risk that potential customers are not as familiar with the subject and therefore, don't search for that specific topic. At the end of the day, you might create irrelevant content.

To prevent this from happening, I, today, work according to a structured Excel sheet. The Excel sheet is a result of a thorough keyword analysis of relevant topics. By sticking to the defined topics with high search volumes, I ensure that I create content that people actually search for. Furthermore, the content will increase website traffic and conversion.

Use Google as an inspirational source

Before I write an article, I spend a lot of time thinking about the structure of the article. Whenever I think, I think with Google. I always start with Googling the topic; then I examine the "People Also Ask" box. That box is a very valuable source for inspiration. The questions that other people asked about the topic are often very good input for the articles' subheadings. 

I open my text document and structure the headings and subheadings. When that's done, I have an overall idea of what the article will look like in the end, and I can ensure that the content has a natural structure and a common thread. 

Get digital writing assistance

Grammarly definitely improved my professional life. It's a digital writing assistance which makes sure my spelling is correct, and the sophisticated AI gives me suggestions on how to formulate better sentences and suggest synonyms.  

I always create my article with Grammarly. I open a new page and fill in the structure. When I'm pleased with the structure, I start to write the content. 

Keep writing

During my years as a content creator, I've noticed the importance of continue writing—all the time. If I haven't written an article in a while, it will take a longer time to create new content. Make sure you write a few paragraphs each day.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you want to know more about content creation, we have compiled this comprehensive guide to learn more about the importance of creating content and developing a content creation plan.

Alexander Evjenth
Alexander is a content creator who has a great interest in learning new things. What he enjoys even more is creating knowledge content.
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