Lead generation: How to create a content offer in 30 minutes

By Niyat Ghebremichael

Lead generation: How to create a content offer in 30 minutes

Providing valuable content offers is a great way to generate leads. But not everyone has enough time to continuously produce great content offers. This article is intended to give you an understanding of what a content offer is and why it is crucial. And also, download the guide on how to create a content offer in 30 minutes.

It is Tuesday, at 1 pm, and I am waiting for the editorial team to attend our weekly editorial team meeting. In these meetings, we review, edit and analyse content as well as brainstorm ideas and plan content. As the chief editor, I always try to make sure that we keep up with the content plan. But this time it was different.

After analysing content and brainstorming ideas in the first 15 minutes, I had to reveal that there is not enough content to review this week. I was stuck with the content plan and asked if anyone had an idea. My colleague Alexander replied: “We could try to create a content offer on how to create a content offer in 30 minutes”. My thoughts: I was not sure if we could do it, but since we are very familiar with the subject 'content offers' and do not have to do a lot of research – which saves time – we should give it a try.

What is a content offer, and why is it so important?

A content offer is valuable and relevant content that your customers and potential customers can download in exchange for an email address e.g. by filling out a form on your landing page.

While website traffic is important, it is even more important to focus on converting those website visitors into leads—by providing downloadable content offers—that you can nurture and develop your relationship with. Providing content offers is one of the most important parts of inbound campaigns.

Content offer formats

Content offers exist in many different forms. One format of content offers that have proven to be very useful is PowerPoint. An advantage of using PowerPoint is the person downloading it can adapt and reuse it, unlike PDF, where pages cannot be easily reused. By adding visual elements such as images, icons and various design elements, your content becomes more attractive to your audience. It’s ideal if you use a template. A PowerPoint template ensures that the presentations of all employees in your company are consistent in terms of font, style, layout and colours. It saves time because the slides are predefined, and all content is arranged. Avoid too much text on a slide and use headings, subheadings, and bullets to make it easier for the reader to read through the presentation. Add a relevant call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the content as a suggested natural next step for the user to follow after consuming the content.

You now know what a content offer is and its importance. Do you want to discover how to create a content offer in 30 minutes? Then please feel free to download the step-by-step guide on how to create a content offer in 30 minutes.

Download content offer guide

You can also read this article in Swedish on Onlineguiden.

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