The ten commandments of online and digital

By Anders Björklund

The ten commandments of online and digital

The other week I had lunch with one of Zooma’s friends and she asked me to create the ten commandments of online and digital. She needed it for an internal workshop with their sales and marketing. Here you’ll find a summary of the ten most common bits of advice regarding obtaining an online and digital mindset, including a PDF that you can download and keep as a constant reminder.

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The ten commandments of online and digital:

  1. You shall always presume that online and digital is the most critical focus for you and your company.
  2. You shall only conceive of, produce and offer products and solutions based on looking from the outside—from their perspective.
  3. You shall be genuinely interested in how it is to be them and understand their expectations, habits, behaviour and needs.
  4. You shall realise that peoples’ expectations and behaviour have changed and already affects your company.
  5. You shall treat them exactly like they want to be treated.
  6. You shall provide effortless simplicity to them. 
  7. You shall always be personal and relevant.
  8. You shall provide unrestricted accessibility.
  9. You shall be present and active, as an individual and as a company.
  10. You shall make sure that online and digital becomes a natural way of working for you and your company.

Feel free to download the PDF with the ‘The ten commandments of online and digital’.

Download the ten commandments

The article was updated May 23, 2019

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