Goodbye, .se — hello, .agency!

Goodbye, .se — hello, .agency!

Over the past few weeks, there's been some subtle changes going on behind the scenes at Zooma. First, we changed the company name. Then, our email addresses. And now, our URL. We're waving goodbye to the classic '.se', and getting used to our new '.agency' life.

Don't worry - Zooma isn't rebranding or switching owners. We just decided that it was time for something new.

Earlier this year, the official company name changed from Zooma Marketing & Communication AB to the shorter, cleaner, Zooma Agency AB.

Shortly after, we all got new email addresses - ending in the catchy, instead of the classic

Now, the final step is complete - the URL of our site is now, not

Why make the change?

There's a few reasons behind our decision to make all of these changes.

We don't just do marketing and communication anymore

The term "marketing and communication" encompasses a lot of different things. But we felt it didn't fully reflect the work we do on a daily basis. Today, we're just as likely to work with customers on their sales and customer service processes as we are on design and content creation. As the pace of digitalisation increases and the effects are felt by more and more areas of B2B business, our scope has widened. So we think 'agency' is a slightly less restrictive term.

We're active in a lot of other places than Sweden

Our office is in Gothenburg, like it always has been - but over the last couple of years, the border between 'office' and 'not-office' has become less clear. When we started working from home full-time in March 2020, it suddenly didn't matter where we were physically located. The office is open again now, but almost all of us are still working remotely most of the time. Some of us are working from different parts of the country, others from different countries altogether. And more and more of our customers are spread across the world. So presenting ourselves as a Swedish agency with a '.se' domain seems more and more unnecessary. 

We're still getting used to this change ourselves, but we think it's the right way to go.

Next time you need to get in touch or visit our site, don't forget the '.agency' - but even if you do, don't worry. The '.se' addresses will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

Anders Björklund
Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about what and how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B. Asks a lot of questions, and knows what to do with the answers.
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