Welcome Gina and Sofia!

Welcome Gina and Sofia!

This week, Zooma welcomes not only one but two new interns to the team - Gina Viitala and Sofia Hermansson. Both are studying the marketing automation specialist course at Gothenburg's Yrkesakademin, and they'll be with us until the middle of April. Welcome to Zooma!

Gina Viitala

Originally from Kungälv, a city just north of Gothenburg, Gina began the marketing automation specialist course in August 2020.

Before starting her current education, Gina worked as a hairdresser - it was here she got a taste for sales and later became a sales representative at a Gothenburg-based recruitment company, where she worked for three years before starting at Yrkesakademin.

During her time at Zooma, Gina is looking forward to using the skills she's learned so far during the course in practice and finding out more about how marketing automation tools can support business goals. Outside of work and studies, she likes spending time outdoors and training in Thai boxing - Gina, welcome to Zooma!

Sofia Hermansson

Also, from Kungälv, Sofia currently studies the same marketing automation specialist course at Yrkesakademin. Before that, she studied business development at KYH in the windy city of Malmö and developed an interest in marketing.

Zooma-Sofia-HermanssonDuring the marketing automation course, she's built up experience through internships at other companies, mainly focusing on identifying and attracting leads. She's nearing the end of her current course, so she's looking forward to seeing how all the different elements of modern marketing and sales work when put together in practice and finding inspiration for her upcoming dissertation.

When she's not at work, she enjoys watching films, reading books, and leading her roleplaying game group in their ongoing game of Nordiska Väsen. So, Sofia, it's good to have you on board!

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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