Welcome Josefine!

Welcome Josefine!

This week, Josefine Kinnvall joined the Zooma team. She's currently finishing up her media and communications studies at Jönköping University, and she'll be working with us until the start of June. Josefine, welcome to the team!


Josefine started her current education in 2019, and is set to graduate later this year. During the course of the program, she's built up a strong theoretical background in communication, and chose specifically to focus on marketing communication - how companies talk to and communicate with their prospective and existing customers.

At Zooma, she's looking forward to putting all that learning into practice. Over the next few months, she'll be working mostly alongside Elin on various aspects of content production and project management, providing a welcome boost to our communications work.

Josefine moved from her hometown of Gävle to start her university course in Jönköping just before the outbreak of the pandemic, so a lot of her learning has taken place remotely over Zoom - which turned out to be good practice for an internship at Zooma. Recently, she moved from Jönköping to Malmö, in the very south of Sweden.

When she's not studying, working at Zooma or helping out Smålands Turism with their social media presence, she enjoys working out and experiment with analogue photography. We're very happy to have her on the team!

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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