Welcome Linus!

Welcome Linus!

Zooma recently said hello to Linus Ekenberg, our new intern. Linus will be helping us out with reporting and SEO for the next 10 weeks. Welcome, Linus!

Linus is originally from Ängelholm in the south of Sweden, but moved to Gothenburg just over a year ago to study the online marketing program at Medieinstitutet.

The internship at Zooma is part of Linus’ studies, and he’s now gearing up for his final project – designing and planning a campaign for his own design and web agency.

I spoke to him towards the end of his first week at Zooma, but he’d already started on a number of important projects – particularly around our own reporting tools and SEO best practices, together with Daniel, our HubSpot configuration expert.

We’re still working from home at Zooma, but Linus has been able to adapt – after starting off with some classroom time in August 2020, his program quickly went over to fully remote.

In his spare time, Linus likes weightlifting, reading, and making the most of Gothenburg. It’s great that we can benefit from his experience and knowledge when it comes to our reporting processes and search performance. So welcome, Linus!

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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