Welcome Zieyaad!

Welcome Zieyaad!

Today, we're welcoming Zieyaad Moses to the Zooma team. He'll be joining us as a HubSpot developer, and he also has the honour of being Zooma's first international hire.

Although the Zooma office is now open again, most of us are still working from home most of the time. This means that we're spread out pretty widely – some of us are in the Gothenburg area, some live in other parts of Sweden, and some of us have taken the opportunity to combine travel and work over the last couple of years.

Zooma-Zieyaad-MosesBut Zieyaad wins the prize for the most-remote Zooma employee – he'll be working full-time from his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. Despite the 10,000km distance, Cape Town is only an hour ahead of Gothenburg, so working together on the same schedule won't be a problem – but I can't promise we won't get jealous of the South African weather. When I spoke to Zieyaad from a snowy, dark Gothenburg, it was a pleasant 30 degrees in Cape Town.

Zieyaad joins us with an excellent track record of HubSpot development. After completing his programming studies early, he left education to start working straight away, first for a small South Africa-based company and later as a remote developer for a couple of international digital agencies. In these roles, he had a chance to expand his development skills even further and continued at the agency until he spotted one of Zooma's job openings late last year.

After some initial conversations and meetings with the team (as well as some successfully-passed tests), Zieyaad developed a good feeling about Zooma and chose to sign with us – which we're delighted about! So from today, he'll become a part of our HubSpot development team alongside Marko and Yeu-Kang.

Zieyaad's mother tongue is English, but he also speaks Afrikaans - which naturally means we'll soon be launching the Afrikaans version of zooma.agency. Watch this space!

Zieyaad, it's great to have you on board!

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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