We're launching The Internship Hub

We're launching The Internship Hub

We've taken on interns fairly frequently over the last few years, but we recently realised we haven't communicated about it enough. That's why we've now created The Internship Hub - a place where our current interns can regularly share their thoughts, experiences and learnings from working at Zooma.

Our current interns, Gina and Sofia, will be taking over The Internship Hub to start off with, with an update every week. The idea is that you'll learn more about what an intern at Zooma actually does, and get encouraged to apply if you're a student currently looking for an internship.

Visit The Internship Hub below, and don't forget to subscribe if you want to get alerted every time a new article is published. Enjoy!

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Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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