Zooma is closed for an internal conference

Zooma is closed for an internal conference

All Zoomers will be out of the office from August 24 until August 25 (1 pm) for an internal conference. 

We gather all Zoomers for an internal conference with a mixture of work, activities, learning and training. Apart from the organisers, no one knows where the meeting will occur. So follow us on Instagram if you are curious and want to stay updated on where we end up and what we do.

During these two days, Zooma will be 'closed' - all Zoomers will be fully booked up. We won't have external meetings, and we'll be slower than usual to reply to emails.

If you have an urgent request that can't wait, you can still get in touch via our support form, and we'll help out.

But otherwise, we'll be back to work as usual on Thursday, August 25, at 1 pm.

Niyat Ghebremichael
Niyat is a content manager at Zooma since 2019. She loves to create content​ and helps to bring campaigns and ideas to life.
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