Why your online identity matters

By Anders Björklund

Why your online identity matters

In our increasingly digitized world, traditional face-to-face meetings are no longer the primary means to form first impressions. Instead, individuals rely on search engine results from platforms like Google or LinkedIn profiles to gather information about others. These initial digital impressions have the potential to endure indefinitely.

Consequently, it is crucial to handle your online identity with utmost care. People often form opinions about you and your company based on what they find online, even before they have a chance to interact with you in the physical world. Therefore, managing your virtual presence is essential for establishing meaningful connections and meeting the expectations of others.

Despite the significance of digital identity, many professionals and companies still view it as a mere "nice to have" rather than a necessity. However, neglecting the desired perceptions associated with your brand can have far-reaching implications. By failing to present an accurate and appealing online image, you risk conveying the wrong message and hindering the development of authentic relationships. Moreover, you may inadvertently miss out on numerous opportunities you are unaware of.

It is often impossible to identify who is researching you online and subsequently choosing not to engage with you for a job or other prospects due to their initial virtual impression. We understand that first impressions carry great weight and are challenging to alter. Once we have acquired more information about someone we have just met, we tend to interpret it in a way that aligns with our initial impression. This psychological phenomenon, anchoring or focalism, refers to the human tendency to rely excessively on the first piece of information received when making decisions.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the online version of yourself aligns with your real-life persona. This consistency is key to connecting with others and capitalising on business opportunities and relationships in our increasingly digitized world.

So, ask yourself: Do you give your online identity the attention and care it deserves, or do you consider it a mere afterthought?

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Anders Björklund
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