How to update your LinkedIn profile in 2024

By Anders Björklund

How to update your LinkedIn profile in 2024

Considerable time and resources are devoted to brand development. While proficient in promoting business brands, personal branding should be paid attention to, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn. Many of us, myself included, could enhance our profiles on LinkedIn more effectively.

The common neglect of personal branding is primarily due to our hectic schedules and the misconception that self-promotion is egocentric. However, disregarding personal branding is a missed opportunity, particularly from a sales viewpoint. The influence of content which employees share is significant, and those with well-established brands on LinkedIn are often the most effective.

Your LinkedIn profile is the cornerstone of your brand. Regular updates and new features enhance its role as a marketing tool, allowing you to showcase your skills and motivations. If you still need to update your profile, now is the time to discover new features to elevate your brand.

Here are the essential features to update on your LinkedIn profile for 2024:

Select a high-quality profile picture

  • Your profile picture introduces you to others on LinkedIn. Choose a recent, professional image where your face occupies about 60% of the frame. Dress as you would for work, and remember to smile genuinely.

Add a background photo

  • The background photo on your profile should reflect your professional interests and help your page stand out.

Craft a compelling headline

  • Move beyond just listing your job title. Use the headline to express your professional ethos and what drives you.

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Record your name's pronunciation

  • You can prevent mispronunciations of your name by adding a recorded pronunciation to your profile.

Turn your summary into a story

  • List skills and job titles in your summary. Use this space to narrate your professional journey and the impact of your skills.

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Avoid overusing buzzwords 

  • Words like 'specialised', 'leadership', and 'innovative' lose meaning due to overuse. You can show your qualities through actions and endorsements instead of just adjectives.

Expand your network

  • Sync your profile with your email address book and your CRM, and follow up on meetings with LinkedIn connection requests.

List relevant skills

  • Update and prune your skills list to keep it relevant and reflect your current expertise.

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Exchange endorsements

  • You can use your connections' skills and request endorsements for your essential skills.

Manage endorsements proactively

  • Curate your endorsements to highlight your core skills accurately.

Request recommendations

  • Personal testimonials add depth to your profile and provide insights into working with you.

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Showcase your learning

  • Add completed courses from LinkedIn Learning to your profile.

Share marketing collateral

  • Sharing case studies and white papers can enhance your profile's professional depth.

Share relevant content

  • Please share and comment on content that aligns with your professional interests.

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Engage with content

  • You can add thoughtful comments to shared content, establishing your thought leadership.

Follow industry influencers

  • This adds valuable content to your feed, which you can share with your network.

Activate creator mode

  • Use creator mode for additional tools and features to enhance your content and audience engagement.

Highlight your services

  • You can use LinkedIn Service Pages to showcase your offerings if you're a consultant or freelancer.

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Engage with collaborative articles

  • Contribute to AI-driven articles on LinkedIn for increased visibility and engagement.


Updating these features allows you to create a more impactful and professional LinkedIn profile, ensuring you present the best version of your professional self in 2024. Good luck!


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