Online presence and lead generation

By Anders Björklund

Online presence and lead generation

In a world where everyone says that they want to generate sales leads through online, what do you need to prioritise?

I claim that you need a well defined, planned and well-executed online presence. You need to invest in high-quality content that is relevant for your prospects and customers, answering their questions, supporting their challenges and providing effortless simplicity.

To get the desired results from your online presence, it must tick the above and play a central part in generating more sales and revenue.

So what shall you prioritise?

Possibilities to convert

Your online presence must generate leads and prospects. I have seen numerous websites and applications that are cool and at the same time impossible to convert on. Conversion is your main objective—you want prospects and customers to interact with you through alerts, subscriptions, downloads, requesting demos, asking for quotes and making purchases.

As soon as you have identified a prospect or customer through online, and have the legal basis to communicate with them, these relationships need to be continuously nurtured. You do this mainly by presenting quality content with high relevance for them and combining that with relevant CTA's.

Knowledge content

In your prospects and customers decision and buyer's journeys, they search for solutions, products or services that can solve their problem. You need to provide the answers and suggest solutions that might address their needs.

I suggest you provide two to four articles per week on your knowledge hub or blog to get started.

User experience on all devices

Your online presence must offer a good user experience on every device. You should provide a good experience while navigating, no matter if they do it on a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device. All content and functionality should be adapted and presented in a way that is suitable for the used equipment.

Let them order and purchase

You should provide the possibility for your prospects and customers to order or buy everything that they want to buy through online.

Don't make it too complicated, just do it.

Provide the expected user experience

Be clear and straightforward in the way you communicate the unique buying reasons for your products or services. How can you be credible and relevant for your prospects and customers? The content and the functionality of your online presence, in combination with look and feel, are equally important to get conversions.

It is very easy to be different, to make an impact so that visitors recognise your content and functionality as relevant and unique. Just put above in place.

When you have above in place, you are most likely leading your industry.

And remember: your online presence shall be focused on your personas, and their needs and challenges.

Not there?

If you have not implemented above and generate less than 50% of your sales through online and have a customer NPS below +60, contact me, and we can discuss what to prioritise next.

Already there?

If you have already implemented above and generated 50% of your sales through online and have a customer NPS on +60, contact me, and we can discuss what to prioritise next.

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