How to use LinkedIn: Be active, not just present!

By Anders Björklund

How to use LinkedIn: Be active, not just present!

Lots of people still believe that LinkedIn is just a CV database and, as a result, some companies have even handed over the company page to be run by the HR department. That's a mistake. In my opinion, there are some primary business reasons for using LinkedIn, and they both have very little to do with HR

The main reasons are; to verify who people are, to interact with customers, prospects and peers, and to gain knowledge.

There are two primary ways to use LinkedIn:

  • Using a passive approach and merely being present.
  • Taking an active approach by interacting with peers.

Either way, the more time and effort you put into relevant LinkedIn activities, the more significant becomes the rewards.

Being present on LinkedIn

You can gain the attention of potential new clients, customers, partners, peers and influencers by:

  • Just having a LinkedIn profile
  • Building your network of connections
  • Following interesting people & companies
  • Keeping your account up-to-date
  • Reading articles to stay up to date and to gain knowledge and inspiration
  • Creating content and publishing on LinkedIn Pulse

Being active on LinkedIn

Like in most other interactions, the more you put in, the more you are likely to get out. Additionally, if you get actively involved, you are much more likely to yield quicker and better results.

When you have been active for a while, consider upgrading to a premium LinkedIn membership. It will give you access to additional features that may be helpful to achieve your objectives. LinkedIn has several subscription options. Usually, there is a free trial, so you can test out the additional features from a paid membership before committing to it.

Finally, start using LinkedIn as a natural part of doing business. Utilising LinkedIn's reach and networking features will help you expand your network. In addition to creating a professional image for you and your business, it will help you find and interact with prospects, clients, and customers. Even if you don't think LinkedIn can work for your company, it will be worthwhile to check out how others in your industry are using LinkedIn. As a networking resource, LinkedIn can give you connections that can lead to publicity, more business, and other excellent business growing opportunities.

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