Happy Easter - enjoy your time off!

Happy Easter - enjoy your time off!

We've got some bank holidays rapidly approaching here in Sweden, and hopefully you do too - here's when we'll be out of office.

Zooma will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday - that's Friday 15 April and Monday 18 April. We'll be back to work as usual on Tuesday 19 April.

Whether you're celebrating Easter or simply enjoying the long weekend, we hope you have a good break - we usually prepare a nice playlist to keep you company for holidays like this, but this time, I thought I'd give you a selection of Easter playlists from years past, just to make sure you can find something that suits your mood:

  • Zooma's Easter playlist 2021 - This was a fairly upbeat playlist - there's plenty of cheerful springtime songs that match the good weather, but you'll also find a couple of tracks from Aviici and The Prodigy to get the blood flowing.
  • Zooma's Easter playlist 2020 - In 2020, the playlist was much more chilled - plenty of hip-hop and ambient music to accompany you on a walk or a run.
  • Zooma's Easter playlist 2019 - A nice mix of classic rock, yacht rock, Swedish pop and David Bowie.
  • Easter tunes (2012) - This playlist was apparently so good that we didn't bother making another Easter playlist for seven years. Take a listen and judge for yourself - and see if you can identify the not-so-subtle Easter theme among some of the songs.

Enjoy the music - and we'll see you next week!

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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