The results of this year's external NPS

The results of this year's external NPS

Just before the summer, we sent out an NPS survey to all the customers who have worked with us over the past year. The NPS survey is made up of a straightforward question - 'How likely is it you would recommend Zooma to a friend or a colleague?'. Now, the results are in.

You might already know about the 'Net Promoter Score' survey - and if you don't, you've likely answered one of these surveys reasonably recently. Of course, it's not a perfect tool. Still, it does an excellent job of giving a reliable and highly consistent way of measuring your customers' and contacts' opinions of you over time.

Respondents to the survey were presented with the statement above, 'how likely is it you would recommend Zooma to a friend or a colleague?'. They could then give a score from zero to ten, with zero meaning 'not at all likely' and ten meaning 'extremely likely'.

Respondents are divided into three groups based on their answers: ' detractors', who score from zero to six, 'neutrals', who scored seven or eight, and 'promoters', who scored nine or ten.

NPS graphic

To get the final Net Promoter Score, the percentage of detractors is subtracted from the percentage of promoters, leaving a score between -100 and 100.

This year, we received a score of 59, based on the responses of 58 customers. It's a score we're happy with, but one that's slightly lower than our scores from recent years.


External NPS results 2022

Why did we get this score?

Part of the reason behind the slightly lower score this year is the size and profiles of the group who received it.

This year's NPS was the biggest NPS we've ever sent - in total, we sent it to 154 customers and received 58 responses - a response rate of 38%.

Compare this to 2021, where we surveyed 132 customers and got a response rate of 27%, or 2020 when 92 customers received the survey and 14% replied.

Additionally, we broadened the profile of the group who received the survey this year. Previously, we've focused on surveying a smaller group of people responsible for buying our services at each customer company. This time, we widened the scope also to include every customer we have worked with directly, regardless of their internal position.

All this combines to give an NPS score that's slightly lower than usual but hopefully more accurate. Of course, we'll continue taking this approach in future, so we'll see how next year's score compares.

The results for this year's internal NPS are coming soon - so keep an eye on The Bulletin (or subscribe) to get updated when we release it.

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By the way, does your company publish its NPS scores? If not, why not? Take a look at this article for some arguments on why you should start.

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