Does your company know what and how to prioritise

All companies know that they need to adapt to changed behaviours and expectations. Perhaps there is an imminent need for someone to guide you and your company in what to do and how to make online and digital a core part of your business. If that's the case, Zooma can help.

Why Zooma?

Since 2001 Zooma has worked with a wide array of companies, from major global B2C brands to prominent international B2B companies, to transform and adapt their business to match the way people buy and make decisions in an online world.

The idea

Zooma was conceived at the turn of the millennium and grew out of the realisation that online and digital would profoundly change the way people behaved. Fundamental business processes changed as information, communication, interactions and transactions increasingly occurred online.

The why

Zooma exists to drive companies to use online and digital as a core part of their business so they can achieve their desired results.

If you and your company have an imminent need for someone to guide you in making online and digital a core part of your business, Zooma is the right partner.

The task

Zooma's task is to enlighten, guide, and implement relevance and effortless simplicity using online and digital.

If you choose to cooperate with us, we will support and guide you to rule your industry.

How to become a customer

Is this the first time you think about a possible cooperation with Zooma? Over the last two decades, we've learned to be clear about expectations so that we can help you achieve what you want to achieve.


Zooma only works with ten to twelve international and global companies at the time, to give each customer the dedication and focus they deserve.

We primarily cooperate with B2B companies, and most customers use one or several of the three ways of cooperating described below.

All our customers commit to a yearly budget of minimum MSEK 1 in our cooperation.


An essential prerequisite for cooperating with us is for at least one individual from your executive management team to be deeply involved in our cooperation, and not just as a sponsor.

If you ask us to participate in a pitch, we will only accept if we know someone within your executive management. If not, you have to pay for the pitch.

Book a meeting

You're always welcome to book a meeting with Anders Björklund below for an initial discussion.

Anders will send you an NDA to sign, some information, and a questionnaire to answer so that we both are well prepared in advance.

How we will cooperate

Challenge, maximise, and apply

We have one main business objective - that our existing customers to recommend us to others. And they do.

When asking our customers why they recommend us, they say that they are challenged to examine and scrutinise the best course of action so they can to maximise the given situation and resources. Together we always apply the agreed scope at high and consistent quality, within the given timeframe.

In all areas of our cooperation, we mutually decide what approach to take.

Mutual approach

Together we work in a participatory and collaborative manner, as an integrated team, to maximise efficiency and outcome. In our cooperations, we ensure that everyone understands what is needed to fulfill the objectives and understand and the implications of decisions. Zooma and your company will staff the projects with the best available competencies and aim to use the same key individuals in the cooperation over time.

The fulfillment of your expectations and the status of the desired outcomes of our cooperation are safeguarded through weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meetings, and  complemented by two evaluations per year.

Three ways of cooperating

Most customers use more than one of the three ways of cooperating.
One or more carefully specified deliverables. The payment amount does not depend on resources used or time expended.
Deliverables based on the actual cost of labour, at specified hourly rates, and the actual cost of materials and equipment usage.
An agreed monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee paid in advance in order to secure appropriate resource availability.

Zooma's customer experience tech stack

Get a unified view of our tools, technologies and software. If we start a cooperation, these will be the main tools for communication, content, planning and strategic work.