The most read blog articles - Halfway through 2020

By Anders Björklund

The most read blog articles - Halfway through 2020

We have already passed the halfway point of 2020! These are the most read articles on our blog so far this year. Enjoy reading!

Thirty-five articles published on The Onlinification Hub over the past six months. Admittedly: Not all of them went through the roof in terms of views, while others reached the sky.

That's the thing with inbound and in particular blogging – it is the gift that keeps on giving. Blog articles that we spent a few hours creating years ago continue to attract interested people to our company. 

Today I'll present you the five articles that are the most viewed so far this year. Among them, only one article was published in 2020, and the other four published between 2016 and 2029. Below this list, you find the five articles most viewed of the articles published this year. 

The five most-read blog articles during 2020: 

The five most-read blog articles during 2020 (published 2020): 

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