Podcast: Inbound journey with Ulrik Andersson

Blog title: Podcast: Inbound journey with Ulrik Andersson

By Alexander Evjenth

Podcast: Inbound journey with Ulrik Andersson

We enjoyed chatting with Ulrik Andersson, Digital Marketing Director of Mobile Thermal Solution, about his inbound journey in our recent podcast.

Ulrik’s career began in the 1980s when he sold cameras and film. This foundational experience in sales paved the way for his entrepreneurial venture in the 1990s when he managed several photo stores across Sweden, including locations in Trollhätten and Gothenburg. However, as the market evolved in the mid-2000s, Ulrik transitioned to B2B sales at VBG Truck Equipment.

A significant chapter in Ulrik's career unfolded at Onspot, a division of VBG, where he took on the role of Sales Manager and later Brand Manager. In 2016, he led a major digital transformation, launching a new website and integrating inbound marketing strategies. This initiative marked a shift towards persona-focused content, which included over 300 blog posts that greatly increased website traffic.

Ulrik also highlighted Onspot's innovative automatic snow chain system. Originally patented in 1915 and commercialized in 1977, this product enhances vehicle traction in snowy conditions, ensuring safety and reliability. 

Throughout the episode, Ulrik’s enduring passion for photography emerged, a hobby that has complemented his professional life and provided a creative outlet. From his early days in retail to leading digital marketing efforts, his journey offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of marketing. Tune in to our podcast to hear more about Ulrik’s inspiring career path and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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