The best time to post on LinkedIn

By Anders Björklund

The best time to post on LinkedIn

With the rise of software and paid advertising, social media platforms aren't only a place for connecting and sharing — they've also evolved into places where companies can build their brands. Social media activity can expose companies to extensive target group members that could turn into leads and business.

LinkedIn, the world's largest business network, has about 303 million active monthly users.

To attract an engaged target audience on LinkedIn requires you to craft compelling and relevant content. And if you don't post content at the right time, most followers will never see your postings and updates. So, how could you figure out the optimal time to post your content to attract your specific target audience? There is no right answer. You can scrutinise research to make assumptions about the best times to post based on your target audience. 

The best time to post on LinkedIn

Thinking about your target audience's behaviour is vital. Conduct market research to learn more about when and how your target audience is online, or refer to your personas if you've collected that information. It's safe to assume that they won't have time to check their social media feeds during business hours.

Anyhow, there are pockets throughout your potential and existing customers' day where they tend to check on LinkedIn, like during lunch and commuting. From there, you can estimate when you're expected to reach your target audience.

In B2B, the target audiences' online behaviour reflects being busy during regular business hours. During the periods described above, the target audience is getting ready for work, just starting their day, or taking an afternoon coffee. 

Even though it isn't a one-size-fits-all, many have found success on LinkedIn by posting Tuesday to Thursday, between 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

The worst time to post content is on weekends or outside business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. But there is one exception, Sunday evening, where many decision-makers and influencers send an email and start preparing for the upcoming work week.

You and your company should test to aim for outside of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can judge when your content postings will earn the most engagement based on the behaviour of your competitors, as well as your target audience members. For B2Bs, analysing web behaviour is an excellent indicator. Your target audience is other professionals, so it's best to catch them before they start working, during lunch hours, when they commute, and when they catch up in the evening.

If you post content to LinkedIn when most of your audience isn't online, you most likely won't receive the number of views and interactions you were hoping for.

Remember, if you want to build yourself a trusted brand on LinkedIn, it's determining to find out when your target audience prefers to visit the site. You'll have a better idea of how to pin your content posts' timing almost every time you want to update your followers on the platform.

How often you should post on LinkedIn

Research has found that you don't want to publish more than five times per week on LinkedIn — and you'll find the highest engagement for your first two posts. Depending on your industry, target audience, and the content type you're planning to publish, I'd suggest anywhere between three to five times per week.

Nevertheless, quantity shouldn't win over quality. When it comes to posting content, you'll definitely want to ensure that you're thoughtful, strategic, and helpful with every content piece you post on LinkedIn. If you post low-quality content to hit the five content pieces mark, you'll end up damaging your engagement on the platform, and LinkedIn will display your content less often to your followers. As is the case with all social media, the algorithm prioritises good and relevant content.

If you choose to publish three to five posts per week on LinkedIn, consider how you might vary the content type. For instance: 

Mondays, you always publish videos.

Tuesdays, you publish a knowledge article.

Wednesdays, you share a presentation. 

Thursdays, you write a compelling status and ask followers to provide feedback or answers.

Fridays, you publish an image with text.

When growing your LinkedIn strategy, you should iterate over time as you figure out which content types that perform best on your page.

A LinkedIn strategy is a long game. Test out the above tactics, and try some experiments for yourself. Your target audience is always unique, and you might uncover powerful insights regarding LinkedIn content as you continue to post relevant content while taking the time to engage with other industry-relevant posts as well. 

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