First day at Mobile World Congress

By Ingrid Wallgren

First day at Mobile World Congress

Zooma always attends the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here are some reflections from the first day. The mobile data growth is fast. Data on smartphones passing through the mobile networks are growing eight times up until 2020. At the same time the telecom business is not predicted to grow that fast due to price pressure from new players and end-users unwillingness to pay more despite growing appetite. 


The solution is better use of existing resources. There are hardware taking up less space, using less energy and using the radio spectrum more efficient, software doubling the capacity on existing hardware, solutions improving the performance of the applications and cloud being added to enable better solutions and new business models. Security will be a key concern and fundamentally new solutions will be put in place to safeguard the integrity.

It is fascinating to see how the telecom industry is preparing for the years ahead. It will enable all the new solutions and innovations that will help us as individuals to make smarter decisions, through automation, and being more efficient in our lives and businesses. 

Yesterday, I watched Volvo Cars showcase and talk about how connectivity can bring convenience, safety, societal benefits and it will save lives, time and taxpayers money. The real-time slippery road solution is one example and you can learn more from Volvo Cars press-release


Tuesday it is Internet of Things (IoT) theme here at Mobile World Congress. Let’s see what new things we will learn. Stay tuned and we will report more.

Ingrid Wallgren
As a key account manager and business strategist at Zooma, Ingrid keeps close to customers’ needs and activities.
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