No buts, only and's

When you come home from work, you are asked: 'How was your day?' Of course, ass a Zoomer, your answer will be: 'It was great, and...'

Become a Zoomer

Zooma is always looking for people who want to drive our customers in making online and digital a core part of their business!

Questions and answers

Instead of asking about Zooma's vision, purpose, mission, profile, positioning, core values and other academic terms, here you find the questions you should ask and the answers that we provide.

To guide companies to achieve tangible business results using online and digital as a core part of their business.

For companies that need change and guidance.

To enlighten, guide, and implement relevance and effortless simplicity.

Treat everyone exactly like you want to be treated.

Proactive, dedicated, and knowledgeable.

Challenge, maximise, and apply.

How is it to be a Zoomer?

Only a real Zoomer can tell.

Jakob Jaber, tech lead

How is it to be a Zoomer?
– Great!

What types of advantages and challenges can you expect?
– Be on your toes, getting close to our customers.

Sanna Hedberg, art director

How is it to be a Zoomer?
– It’s great! Colleagues are awesome and the atmosphere is most helpful and including.

What types of advantages and challenges can you expect?
– Projects are mostly quite challenging, and also very interesting and rewarding as you learn a lot all the time. And I really like the very close and friendly relationship with the clients.

Marko Kukanjac, developer

How is it to be a Zoomer?
– It's purposeful, challenging and satisfying. It's definitely a unique experience and a state of mind.

What types of advantages and challenges can you expect?
– Surrounded with highly competent colleagues is an advantage and a challenge as well. Expect great working conditions, great clients and really interesting projects.

How satisfied Zoomers are

The two most important objectives in Zooma employee and customer satisfaction.

The Zoomers

Here they are, in alphabetical order.

Alexander Evjenth

Content creator

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Has a great interest in exploring and learning new things. Started in 2018. Inofficially the best surfer in the world, officially the best surfer in Zooma, and on paternity leave.

Miss A


Media and communications student, soon to be an intern at Zooma. Starts March 22.

Anders Björklund

CEO and adviser

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Asks a lot of questions, and knows what to do with the answers. Inofficially modest, officially a huge David Bowie fan. Started in 2001.


Anna Jodlovsky

Art director


With a holistic approach, she strives to create designs that have the right balance of aesthetics and functionality. Started in 2015. 

Mrs. A

Project and account manager

Zooma's brand-new project and account manager, starting on February 4.

Björn Abrahamsson

Art director

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Loves creating useful designs. In every aspect. Officially our music specialist and guide. Started in 2008.

Carl Wåhlander

Art director


Believes in learning by doing  – always trying to find that new ‘aha’-moment. Started in 2018, currently on leave to study and expand his expertise.

Cecilia Langenius

Project manager

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Drives her projects with a clear purpose and a fixed timetable. Cares about details and she loves checklists. At Zooma 2009-2010, and came back in 2016.

Charlotte Björsjö

Project manager


Keen and structured Kanban and Trello enthusiast. Inofficially introvert, officially Zooma's book specialist. Started in 2014.

Daniel Falk

HubSpot configuration expert

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Experienced marketer and tech expert with a background in both agency and company life. Started in May 2021. Inofficially an architecture lover, officially a tech nerd.

Doug Bolton

Content manager and creator

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Content creator at Zooma since 2021 with a background in marketing and journalism. Inofficially Scottish, officially British.

Elin Salekärr

Project manager


Wants everyone to be onboard and appreciates all kinds of clever communication. Inofficially the most competitive Zoomer ever. Officially the voice of Zooma. At Zooma 2011-2013, living in Shanghai 2013-2016, came back in 2017.

Elisabet Isacchi

Coordinator, HubSpot configurator and content creator


Ex Zooma-intern that coordinates the office and the Zoomers. When not doing office work, then configuration and adding a lot of stuff in HubSpot. Inofficially the biggest animal lover, officially Zooma's event planner.

Started in 2005.

Gina Viitala

Marketing automation intern

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One of Zooma's new interns, focusing on marketing automation. Started in January 2022. Inofficially loves chocolate more than food, officially has a hidden talent in pocket parking.

Ingrid Wallgren

Account director and strategist

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Keeps close to customers’ needs and activities, helping to launch new products and outline innovations in clever and creative ways. Started in 2005.

Jakob Jaber

Tech lead and developer

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Has a genuine interest in and broad knowledge of web-related technologies. Started in 2017.

Jesper Björkman

Project manager and online specialist


Ex Zooma-intern turned project manager, with a passion for refining and optimising customers online communication. Inofficially the best music taste in the office, officially the best golfer. Started in 2017.

Johanna Ivarsson

Project manager


Loves marketing and conversions, content production and creativity. Started in 2018. Currently on maternity leave.

Miss J


Media and communications student, and soon to be a Zooma intern. Starts March 22.

Linus Ekenberg

Online marketing intern


Zooma's newest intern, focusing on search, reporting and analysis. Studied at Medieinstitutet in Gothenburg.

Marko Kukanjac

Full-stack developer


Interested in new technologies. Loves building stuff from scratch. Started in 2020.

Martin Egerström

Account and project manager


Dedicated and long-term thinking in evolving B2B companies. Inofficially always eating, officially the best tennis player in Zooma. Started in 2005.

Martin Ray

Chief analyst and digital strategist

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Helps clients interpret how online and digital impacts their business, and how to plan and execute a strategy to achieve maximum results. Inofficially top lumberjack at Zooma, officially top trendspotter. Started in 2011.

Niyat Ghebremichael

Content manager


Loves to bring ideas to life with structure and friendliness. Native German speaker. Started in 2019, currently on maternity leave.

Peter Ishii

Brand and content strategist


Specialises in generalism, with decades of experience from all kinds of content, notably online content. At Zooma 2001-13, back from 2016.

Qarin Lövgren

Project manager and conversion specialist


Runs projects with care for details and technical understanding. Started in 2011.

Rozanna Medica Hölje

Business controller


Likes challenges and safeguards Zooma's finances. Started in 2015.

Sanna Hedberg

Art director


Has a passion for visual concepts, graphic design and photography. At Zooma 2001-2006, back 2019.

Sofia Hermansson

Marketing automation intern

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One of Zooma's new interns, focusing on marketing automation. Started in January 2022. Inofficially the biggest Disney fan on Zooma.

Sofie Holmkvist

Operations manager


A critical thinker who analyses situations and makes decisions with Zoomers and our friends in mind. Started in 2004.

Stellan Björnesjö

Online strategist

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With a perpetual drive for knowledge, he knows what to do with it. Inofficially nerd, officially interested. Started in 2012.

Tobias Pasma

HubSpot solution architect

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An experienced HubSpot specialist with many HubSpot certifications under his belt. Born in the Netherlands and moved to Sweden in 2019. Inofficially solves the most sudoku's, and officially the newest Swede in Zooma. Started in 2021.

Uyen Vu

Project manager


Project manager with a wide range of experience in online and digital. Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Inofficially the best PowerPoint designer at Zooma, and officially Zooma's resident foodie. Joined Zooma in 2021.

Yeu-Kang Hua



Curious generalist-specialist in digital experiences. Give him a problem to solve, and he renders you speechless. Started in 2014.

Mr. Z

HubSpot developer

Our brand-new front-end and HubSpot developer. Starts on February 3.